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House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards is an entertaining skill-training game. Your objective is to get out of the house as rapidly as possible while avoiding risks and obstructions. To be the fastest escapee from the home, you must avoid the perils both inside and outside the house and progress through the game stages. To fulfill all of your tasks and win the round, you must dodge hazards such as falling lights and swinging cabinets. Kitchen cabinet doors and toasters may both attack you. Alternatively, when you try to water the flowers in the garden, you may be assaulted by a swing or a toy. In addition, unknown risks lurk in other regions of the house. So go as quickly as possible! Best of luck!

How To Play

Use the following keys:

player 1: 

  • WASD to move, 
  • W to leap, 
  • S to Crouch, and F to Fire

player 2:

  • IJKL to move
  • I to jump
  • K to Crouch / Fire


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