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Tug of Heads

Tug of Heads

Tug Of Heads is an intense wrestling game between different stickman characters. This game will have two modes for you to choose from. The first mode will be single-player mode: you will alone participate in a wrestling collection with another stickman, and both will try to protect their heads from the dangers of wrestling.

In two-player mode, you can play with your friends in a wrestling match; both will compete against each other, and whoever wins more will win.

There will be a total of more than 50 levels in this game, and your goal is to always keep your head safe from the obstacles in the arena. If you hit the obstacles in the top arena, you will get injured and lose. Because the object at any cost must keep your head safe to win the game! I hope you have fun!

How To Play

  • player 1:

Use the A and D keys to rotate left and right.

Press W to jump.

  • player 2:

Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate.

Press the up arrow key to jump.

2 PLAYER ACTION physics funny stickman 2players wrestle
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