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Subway FPS

Subway FPS

Subway FPS is the most iconic firearms action game of all time. Join the game immediately for the opportunity to play as a soldier with specialized training. The terrorists are plotting to take the state's safe deposit box and flee via a subway station. Your mission now is to assume the role of a soldier with specialized training and join the crucial mission of eliminating terrorists. You must locate the thieves and engage them with your trained shooting skills in order to eliminate the bandits who threaten the tranquility of the neighborhood. Numerous terrorists are advancing in waves, and it is your task to eliminate them all. Help the primary character defeat all terrorist bandits by maintaining focus. Collect game benefits and seek to eliminate as many foes as possible. Join the game immediately to assist our primary character in completing this crucial task! Best of success!

How To Play

To enter the game, press the following keys:

  • To move, use the WASD or up, down, left, and right arrow keys.
  • To jump, press SPACEBAR.
  • To run, click shift.
  • To lock the mouse pointer on or off, press L.
  • Reload by pressing R.
  • Click C to squat.
  • To explore, use the mouse.
  • Click left to fire
  • To hold the target, keep pressing the right mouse button.
  • To select a fighting weapon, use the keys 1/2/3, Q, and E and scroll the mouse.
SHOOTER shoot shooting
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