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Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archers

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of stick archers in Ragdoll Archers? Where players are equipped with advanced weapons to shoot down other archers.

Everything in this game is affected by gravity and momentum. Everything will happen according to ragdoll physics. You will play the role of one of the two archers in the game and participate in a very intense 1-on-1 competition. You use your bow to shoot down other archers with your arrows. When the battle takes place, both will try their best to shoot arrows towards the other. Try to defeat your opponent with your main shots. You can completely challenge your friends in 2-player mode on the same device. Let's compete to see who is the most talented archer. Good luck!

How To Play

1 Player mode:

Use the mouse to control the archer, and press the spacebar to jump.

2-Player mode:

Player 1:

Uses WASD to control the archer.
Press the left arrow key to jump.

Player 2: 

Use the arrow keys to control the archer.
Press the right arrow key to jump.

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