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Oink Run

Oink Run

A challenging adventure awaits you in Oink Run. Play as the cute pink pig and start a challenging adventure in the dense forest.

In this challenging journey, you will control a cute pink pig that has escaped on an exciting journey to find freedom. Evade threatening enemies, jump over precarious platforms, and deploy parachutes in tight spots. You will help our pig hero escape his pursuers in a fast-paced round of danger. Your pursuers are trying to catch you, and you need to run fast through the forest to hide from danger. The deeper you go into the forest, the faster the game pace becomes, making it difficult for you to move and avoid obstacles. Jump from one platform to another while using timely attack and parachute skills to avoid unexpected, dangerous obstacles that you cannot avoid. Join in and lead the pink pig to safely escape its pursuers. Good luck!

How To Play

Press SPACEBAR to jump.

Press the X key to fire bullets to attack enemies.

Press the Z key to parachute and land safely.

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