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Office Conflict

Office Conflict

Office Conflict is an action game that simulates a bloody conflict in your city's main office. Your business is among the major targets of the terrorist group. Thus, they intended to penetrate your organization. Your mission is to participate in the bloody conflict and eliminate the vicious terrorists. You will be armed with firearms and grenades, and will be required to move stealthily forward in quest of adversaries. Noticing terrorists, you will have to shoot at them with your weapon or hurl grenades. The opponent will be destroyed. As a result, you will earn game points. Be wary of any noise and emerge from your hiding place to slay the first foe. Keep an eye out for unexpected attacks and cautiously navigate the room. Keep a watch on the entrances and stairwells, because you never know when the enemy might arrive. After inspecting the floor, you can move up or down to support colleagues and clear other areas. Ensure that your firearms are always sharp and stocked; can you win this fierce battle? Participate in the game and punish the vicious militants.

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How To Play

The following keys will be used to manipulate the character:

  • You can navigate with the WASD keys.
  • To start running while holding shift, use the spacebar.
  • Enter "C" to show respect.
  • Left-click to fire at foes.
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