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Migration: Flappy Duck

Migration: Flappy Duck

Migration: Flappy Duck is a popular skill-based game where you play as ducks from adorable cartoons and embark on a new journey in the sky.

Now choose one of the adorable cartoon characters and start your journey in the sky. When autumn comes, many birds head south to survive the cold winter. Duck is one of them, and in the game, you will help the duck overcome a difficult flight. However, this journey is very arduous and dangerous. There will be many obstacles and many dangerous predators waiting for you along the way. Carefully observe and avoid obstacles and dangers, and don't forget to collect the coins scattered along the way. You will have six lives in each turn. Every time you collide with obstacles, your life will be lost. Therefore, to go the farthest distance, preserve your life, and minimize the number of times you touch obstacles, Good luck!


How To Play

If playing on the computer, use the mouse to play.

If playing on a mobile phone or tablet, touch the screen to play.

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