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Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 is an entertaining survival shooting game. In this game, you will explore an unending landscape filled of pink creatures. And your main goal is to shoot creatures with a gun in order to become the strongest and most survivor. You will advance to the next level after defeating all of the pink creatures. The levels that follow will be more harder than the previous ones. To battle the big creatures, apply your shooting abilities from earlier parts. Don't wait any longer to join this thrilling game. If you enjoy it, you may play related games like Run Gun RobotsRaft Wars 2, and so on.

How To Play

Use the mouse in combination with the following keyboard keys to control:

  • Use your mouse to look around.
  • WASD is an acronym that stands for movement.
  • Run = W + Shift + R
  • Space = jump
  • Use the left mouse button to shoot.
  • Use the right mouse button to aim (Hold).
  • The next/leading weapon is represented by the mouse wheel.
  • The weapon hotkeys are 1-7.
  • The letter R stands for reload.
  • G = grenade toss
  • T = investigate the weapon
  • E = delete / remove weapon
  • G = grenade toss
  • T = examine the weapon
  • E = remove / weapon removal
3D ACTION SHOOTER action gun funny skill survival shooting arena
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