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Flappy Meme

Flappy Meme

Flappy Meme is a fun arcade game with simple yet challenging game mechanics that will surely keep you captivated for hours.

The game combines familiar game mechanics with many popular Internet memes that will make you smile again and again. With simple controls combined with colorful graphics, it will bring you a new and unprecedented experience. In the game, you will control a huge dinosaur or the famous cartoon character Huggy Wuggy. Your goal is to control the characters in the game as far as possible without colliding with obstacles in the air. In addition, after each turn, you can accumulate the points you need to unlock other meme characters, including Pepe the Frog, Dr. Livesey, Capybara, Shrek, and many others. Good luck

How To Play

If playing on the computer, you can left-click or press the spacebar on the keyboard to control the character in the game.

If playing on mobile or tablet: Tap the screen to play.

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