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Flappy Bird: Three Difficulty Modes

Flappy Bird: Three Difficulty Modes

Get ready for a tougher challenge in Flappy Bird: Three Difficulty Modes. The game is an upgraded version of the Flappy Bird game series.

In this version of the game, players will still control a bird to avoid obstacles. However, the game will have a total of three difficulty modes: easy, medium, and hard. Each mode represents an increase in game difficulty, giving players more challenges and the opportunity to learn how to better control the bird.

For easy mode, the game pace will pass slowly and smoothly. Players have more time to avoid obstacles and low pipe speeds. Allows new players to learn the mechanics and master bird control skills before moving on to more complex levels.

For medium mode, this time the difficulty of the game will increase compared to the previous level. The speed of the tube and obstacles increase, making it difficult to control the bird.

As for the hard mode, when the speed of the pipes and the game tempo reach their maximum point, the player must be on top of skill and reaction to avoid collisions and go as far as possible.

Understand how to play in each mode and be ready to conquer challenges in each level. Good luck!


How To Play

If playing on the computer, use the mouse to play.

If playing on a mobile phone or tablet, touch the screen to play.

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