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Flappy Baby Bird

Flappy Baby Bird

Are you ready to help a cute little bird learn to fly in Flappy Baby Bird? This is a fun game with the familiar Flappy style that you cannot miss.

In front of you on the screen will appear a cute little blue bird. And your task is to help the bird fly proficiently and collect hearts throughout the road map to accumulate points. The bird will learn to fly on a hill containing blue pipes. The lines are your challenge. You will have to control the bird to practice flying through pipes stretching throughout the map. Remember that you have to collect all the hearts along the way to score points and pay attention to the safety around you. Concentration and sharp reflexes will be the keys to helping you score the highest score in the game. Good luck!


How To Play

If playing on the computer, use the mouse to play.

If playing on a mobile phone or tablet, touch the screen to play.

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