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Flappy 3

Flappy 3

Get ready to take on a difficult challenge in Flappy 3 where players control three different birds flying on individual flight paths at the same time.

The game allows you to play with multiple players at the same time, competing to see who can control the bird to fly the farthest. Each bird will have different control methods, but all three birds will start at the same time. All three birds will fly on a separate flight path. Join and compete with your friends to see how far your bird can fly. Your goal is to keep the bird flying as far as possible and win against the other two birds. Stay calm and carefully observe the flight path so that the bird touches the obstacles around it. Good luck!


How To Play

Player 1: Press number 1 to control bird number 1.

Player 2: Press number 2 to control bird number 2.

Player 3: Press number 3 to control bird number 3.

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