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Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy

Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy

Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy is an adventure game combined with extremely interesting action. One of the most popular action games on our site. With gameplay similar to the game Flappy Bird. However, with this unicorn version, the game has two modes: arcade and classic. You can choose one of two modes to play.

Arcade mode: The gameplay is similar to the original; try to control the flying bird, safely overcome obstacles, and fly as far as possible.

Classic mode: this is the most special feature in this game. In this mode, the game will appear with more obstacles, such as rockets, birds flying in the opposite direction, pipes,... These will be difficult obstacles blocking the bird's flight path. You must control the bird skillfully to avoid all obstacles safely. In addition, along the way, additional coins, stars, and diamonds will appear scattered throughout the map. You can collect these coins to increase your score and power throughout the adventure.

How far will your bird fly? Join now, and don't forget to leave a comment with the highest score you achieved in this game! I Hope you have fun!

How To Play

If you play on a computer, left-click

If you play on mobile, touch the screen.

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