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Battledudes is a visually appealing shooting game. To become the strongest, you will compete with other players by shooting and knocking them down. You will use the route map to determine where your opponent intends to destroy. The opponent will appear as red dots on the screen; you will go there and defeat him with your rifle. There are numerous maps and game styles to choose from in the game. If you enjoy games of a similar type, you can participate in some of the following: Crazy Monster Shooter, Spooky Bubble Shooter,... Have a good time playing!

How To Play

  • Move about by using WASD.
  • With the left mouse button pressed, you can fire, reload, and enter vehicles.
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel or the 1-4 number buttons to choose between weapons.
  • Use M or Tab to make the map larger.
  • You can modify the controls in the Settings menu.
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