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Angry Bee Flappy Adventure

Angry Bee Flappy Adventure

Angry Bee Flappy Adventure is a fun adventure game that tests your patience as you control an angry bee flapping through the air while avoiding obstacles.

Your challenge in this game is to control an angry bee to fly towards the end of the sky. This place contains many dangerous obstacles that the bee must overcome safely to reach the finish line successfully. Keep the bee balanced, and don't let it collide with obstacles and fall to the ground. Lots of blue pipes continuously appear, obscuring your view. You need to be skilled and avoid obstacles safely. Don't let the angry flying bee fall down or touch the pipe. How far will your bee fly?

If you love exciting adventure games, don't forget to join the fun Flappy game series and enjoy a fun, relaxing time. Have fun!

How To Play

If playing on the computer, use the mouse to play.

If playing on a mobile phone or tablet, touch the screen to play.

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