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3D Floating Birds

3D Floating Birds

3D Floating Birds is an exciting adventure game with gameplay similar to the famous Flappy Bird game that takes players into completely new challenges.

The game is inspired by the original, but in this version, you will enjoy a game with completely new graphics. Realistic 3D graphics combined with smooth movements give players a completely new and extremely relaxing feeling. Fun game sounds make players feel excited and not bored. The game is very suitable for you to relax after stressful hours of study and work. Your goal in this game is to control a cute yellow bird to fly through a desert with lots of cacti in the way without colliding with any obstacles.

The blackbird crossed the desert to find a new land with a cooler climate to live. Help the bird find new lands safely. Remember not to let the bird touch the cacti containing sharp thorns. Otherwise you will fail this game. You will only have 5 lives in each turn corresponding to each heart appearing in the top corner of the screen. If you run out of 5 lives, the game will end and you will lose the game. Try to preserve your life and fly as far as possible. Good luck!

How To Play

If you play on computer: Press spacebar or left click to play

If playing on mobile phone or tablet: Tap the screen to play.

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